Introduction: How a Manuscript Becomes a Book

You have a manuscript. Now you want to turn it into a book–a tangible, formatted piece of media that readers across the world can read and enjoy in print or on their devices.

There are five main things that go into creating a book:

  1. Writing: getting your words down
  2. Editing: polishing those words
  3. Production: turning your words into “real” books: ebooks, print books and covers (<— we can help!)
  4. Selling: getting your book into stores
  5. Marketing: (trying to) get people to buy your book

This free download will demystify each of these steps to make a book and show you how to use Pressbooks — the shortest, most affordable path from manuscript to book. 

It will also show you what to do with your book files once you produce them.


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  1. cipriangherghescu on February 11, 2015 at 5:44 pm says:

    Excellent guide! Thanks

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