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This book is really meant as a brief overview of the self-publishing process, and if you are diving in, you are sure to have more questions.

Here are some more detailed resources to help you along:


Pressbooks User Guide[1]. A more detailed guide to the technical ins and outs of Pressbooks.

Pressbooks Youtube Channel[2]. A host of short how-to video tutorials for using Pressbooks.

Beyond Pressbooks

Author Earnings[3] This site “for authors, by authors” tracks statistics about the self-publishing and publishing industry.

Bibliocrunch[4] Bibliocrunch is one of the best places to connect with a variety of trusted publishing professionals–editors, designers, marketers and more–who can help bring your project to fruition. In particular, we recommend their new ebook, A Self-Publishing Guide for NaNoWriMo writers.

Bubblecow[5] This editing company has straightforward rates and offers both developmental editing and proofreading for writers who are self-publishing.

The Creative Penn podcast[6] Joanna Penn is a best-selling self-published author who offers resources for authors on her website, in her podcast and in her books.

Futurebook[7] Futurebook sends out frequent and interesting news about digital publishing. Connected to The Bookseller, which covers the business of the book industry.

GrubStreet[8] GrubStreet offers courses and events that will help you improve as a creative writer.

How to Make a Book Slideshow[9] We’ve produced a slideshow snapshot to the steps involved in making a book. There’s also a narrated video version[10] on our YouTube channel.

Jane Friedman[11] The former publisher and editorial director of Writer’s Digest, Jane Friedman is a world-renowned authority on publishing and writing. Her blog is packed full of useful resources and insights.

Outthink Group[12] The author marketing services company has worked with high-profile clients including perhaps the best-known self-published author Hugh Howey. The website offers a book on author marketing as well as occasional courses and coaching.

Self-Publishing Boot Camp by Carla King[13] Carla King is a well-known self-published author who offers an almost overwhelming series of educational resources on her blog including books, workshops, blogs and guides, as well as coaching and author services. Check out the new 3rd edition of her Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors book.

Self-Publishing Review[14] Good reviews are essential to your book’s discoverability in the book stores. Self-Publishing Review offers reviews as well as title and description optimization and promotional services to assist with your successful book launch.

Unbound[15] On this site, authors can compete for crowdfunding and support in order to get their books published.

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